Striking and Brilliant Christmas Gift Ideas From Lola Rose

Lola Rose is the idea of jewellery artist Nikki Gewirtz. It is well-regarded in its focus to give “affordable luxury” to females by using appealing beaded jewelry creations that incorporate semi-precious gemstones as well as crystals in them. Each and every product in this business is renowned for its delicate elegance and tranquil properties, and for these points the manufacturer has relished continuing achievement. It has even recognized in Hollywood where Lola Rose pieces are often used by famous people and fashion enthusiasts there. At this point, the inspiration behind this brand of affordable necklaces has been introduced to a whole new range of beneficial and beauty goods. They are designed with Nikki Gewirtz’s express want to give working ladies times of self-indulgence and comfort which can be made from the power of crystals and gems. Just like Lola Rose jewellery can be created as highly-fascinating holiday presents, the same is true to its own line of Bath and Body products. Some are:

1) Calming Amethyst Hand Cream (100 ml) – Amethyst is known for its calming and harmonious characteristics, and they are both found in this luscious hand cream. A base of shea butter as well as peach kernel oil is infused with amethyst extract making a product that not only keeps your skin supple and soft, however it can make you calm and clear-minded as you work through your day. This product can be purchased for £12.

2) Energizing Rock Crystal Shower Gel (250 ml) – If you’d like to begin your entire day in an energizing and fresh way, then the Energizing Rock Crystal Shower Gel is for you. This kind of formulation from Lola Rose mixes the innervating as well as fascinating attributes of rock crystal with the use of Vit E as well as white truffle to make a bathing gel that cleanses you thoroughly and helps you exhibit an aura of balance soon after. For only £12, you can let your family and friends share in the miracles that this item will bring this season.

3) Calming Amethyst Bath Soap (176 g) – If you want to lather yourself in your bath or shower and you would like to emerge from it feeling composed and calm, then this bath soap is just made for you. It combines the proven treatment as well as cleaning powers of cocoa butter with amethyst herb, resulting in a soap that both cleanses and refreshes you as well. It is manufactured in beautiful packaging which can be made as a perfect Christmas gift all in itself, and you can have one immediately for just £10.

4) Calming Amethyst Scented Drawer Liners (Box of 6 Liners) – Each lady prefers her room to be always clean and fresh-smelling, down to where she outlets in her clothes and sensitive articles. These aromatic drawer liners are the ready solution to keep a welcoming environment in this most affectionate and private of places. Amethyst extract is fused with peach, jasmine blossom, and mandarin to create a light, pleasant floral scent. The liners are all enclosed in a visually-fascinating box with shoe print, making the product a quick hit if you give it away as a holiday gift. This item is sold for £12.

Lola Rose Bath and Body items are an outstanding and worthy accessory for any house, just like its jewellery pieces being an excellent part of any woman’s wardrobe. Thus enjoy yourself and buy one of these items today!