How to Cut Hair Like A Professional

This article will help you discover the hair cutting techniques used by professional stylists to create that latest look for their clients. Hair cutting is easy when you know how.

Hair Stylist Market
Hair cutting is a very useful talent, makes a good career and is a relatively easy profession to get established in. There will always be the need for hairstylists and of course everyone needs a cut and hairstyling. Most people have a haircut about every 6 weeks so there is a huge market of repeat customers.

Hairdressing is a relatively easy occupation to find employment or start your own business. There are no complex regulations or training requirements to comply with when starting a business. You don’t need a lot of capital to purchase equipment or inventory. And it is easy to rent a small shop and have a basic fit-out including hot water for minimal expenditure. It is easy to attract in walk-by customers without outlaying money on advertising. You may have to start with lower than average market pricing to initially attract customers but once you are established for a few months you can slowly increase your prices to those similar to the competition in your area. If you are good at cutting and employ some basic customer service skills your customers will return again and again. Many people visit the same shopping centre every week so they like to go to the same hair shop.

What You Will Need
The basic kit is a pair of hairdressing scissors, clippers (for men’s cuts), a comb & hair brush, a spray water bottle, hair clips & clamps, a mirror and a blow dryer.

Hair Consultation
Before beginning any hair cutting or styling a good hairstylist will consult with the client as to what their desired outcome is to be. The stylist will ask basic questions about what hair length, style and color is desired. Some clients may wish to dramatically change their hair style from very long to very short hair or from black to blonde hair. A good hairdresser will recommend to a client to gradually change their hairstyle or hair color so that it is not such a personal shock to themselves and others. For example, a girl with long hair who wants to cut it all off and have a short style would be advised to have several hair cuts to gradually reduce the length of her hair.

Wash the Hair
The first step is to wash the head with a good quality shampoo. Wash the head twice and apply conditioner once. Make sure the water temperature is warm – not too hot and not freezing cold. Towel dry the hair leaving it damp so it can be cut easily.

Comb the Hair
Comb the hair straight and remove any tangles. This can take a few minutes for a girl with very long hair and a few seconds for a man with short hair.

How To Cut Hair in Layers
One of the most challenging hair cutting techniques for those learning hairstyling is how to cut in layers. Cutting hair in layers is an important technique because it transforms dull, flat and lifeless hair into a stylish hair cut that looks good for men and women. All types of hair, long, short, wavy or curly can be layered to give the person a modern and stylish appearance. When cutting hair in layers the outer layers are shorter than the inner layers giving the client a modern and trendy appearance. Layering can be performed on a client of any age or face shape.

Blow Dry the Hair
Use a hair brush and blow dry the hair to remove excess water from the hair and finish the hair style. Dry the ends by either rotating the ends inwards, for a classy layered appearance, or rotate the hair outwards for a modern style.

Coloring Hair
There are many ways to color hair but the basis method is the same. Always color after the hair cut so there is less hair to color and it is easier to get to the roots. Dry off the client’s hair with a blow dryer. Mix just enough dye to do the job by combining the contents of the coloring and setting agents in a small plastic bowl. Brush or comb the coloring agent through the client’s hair and let it stand for a period of time depending on the instructions of the particular coloring agent used. This can be up to 20 or 30 minutes for some coloring agents and depends on the desired final color. Then wash off the color agent and shampoo the hair.

How to Learn Hair Cutting Techniques
The best way to learn hair cutting techniques is to purchase a training course that includes illustrations and videos of a professional hairstylist. The course will need to illustrate how to cut short hair, long hair, men’s hair and cover coloring, highlights, layering, blow drying and all the other ancillary activities of hairdressing. As not all hairstylists make good teachers, make sure the course you purchase is designed by a hairstylist, with many years experience, specializing in teaching hairdressing students.

Newest Hair Trends For 2010

Are you looking to experiment with a new hair style in 2010? That is your choice. But there is an absolute feast of looks to choose from. I have chosen the most popular hair style for 2010 just for you. All you have to do is to choose one of these hot new hair styles that dominate the hair scene this year.

1 At the first place is the bob hair cut. This year the precision cut bobs are huge, smooth, sleek styling, a blunt fringe and heaps of shine. Your bob hair style should be carefully crafted to accentuate your facial structure, or to highlight the long beautiful neck. If you have a straight or slightly wavy hair, best bob hair styles for you will be from ear level to shoulder. Bangs also go great with bobs, but only opt if it works with your facial structure.

2 The second hair style is long and wavy. The most important thing for this hair style the waves should look as natural as possible. Also another great idea which is also popular is the long wavy hair with multiple layers. So if you like this hair styles choose a good hair stylist and listen to their ideas that will works best on your hair, while complimenting your face.

3 Third hair style for this season is the short pixie haircut. These haircuts can make you feel much better than any other haircut because first of all it is trendy, cute, and easy to maintain during the summer. The pixie haircut brings attention to your facial features, and if that is what you were looking for then the pixie haircut is the perfect for you.

4 Another hair trend for this year is the classy ponytail. Worn both high and low it looked absolutely stunning. And maybe this is one of the hottest trends this year. Just remember the perfect ponytail requires perfectly clean hair. Whether you choose to wear it high or low, with side or middle part the ponytail looks great.

5 If you did not like none of these hair trends for this year here is another choice for you. If you prefer straight hair, this will be a great news for you. The classic straight traces are very “IT” this year. This hair style will look even more fabulous parted in the middle.

6 And finally the last hot hair trend for this year is the rich natural brown colors. The deep tones of chocolate or maybe the red tones are a great compliment to a dark brown or black hair color. Remember the hair color can have a dramatic effect on an otherwise plain hair style.

This year in will be the short hair styles, but it is up to you to choose which one is the perfect for you. Also I have another suggestion for you if you do not want to experiment on yourself than you have some pretty interesting makeover games online in which you can do a hair makeover if you just upload a picture of you. And that is not all, these games can be very interesting because you will have a lots of fun.

If you have a daughter you can relax together and try out some new haircuts. Also besides the hair makeover games you can find animal makeover games, virtual makeover games, even and doll makeover games.

So are you ready to have a fun, and to make a complete makeover on yourself? Then what are you waiting at, turn on your computer and start searching for makeover games.

Get Ready for Summer With Hair Removal

With summer fast approaching, it’s almost time to bring out your summer dresses, skirts and swimwear. This means it’s time to think about effective hair removal. There are so many options when it comes to hair removal – and so many different areas to think about.

Whether you wax or shave, or even tweeze or epilate, is really a matter of personal preference.

In our opinion, the best options are either waxing or IPL hair removal. Read this article to know more about IPL hair removal.

Whilst shaving might be quicker and easier, waxing lasts a lot longer. This is because you’re pulling hair right from the roots, rather than just shaving off the tops. You’re also not going to get the cuts and nicks that you can get from shaving nor stubble and shaving rashes, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Epilating and tweezing can be extremely painful and tedious. Waxing is fast and, when done properly, might not hurt at all.

Additionally, waxing doubles as an exfoliator. Whilst removing hair, waxing also removes a layer of dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Get yourself summer ready and gorgeous with these key areas:

Your legs are probably the most important hair removal area, particularly in the season of shorts and skirts and sundresses. Your legs will be on display almost every single day and therefore it’s essential that they are smooth and perfect.

A professional wax will make sure your legs are hair-free and radiant.

If there’s one thing you want to show off this summer, make it your legs.

Your underarms are a particularly delicate area, one that can be easily damaged by shaving and other hair removal methods.

A professional wax will remove your underarm hair with care, making sure not to damage delicate skin, while keeping your underarms smooth and hair-free.

You’re not summer ready until you’ve taken care of your bikini area. A good Brazilian wax will smooth your bikini area to a flawless poolside finish. You needn’t worry or feel self-conscious when you head to the beach this summer or laze by the pool in your swimsuit.

In addition, a Brazilian wax will discourage ingrown hairs, is much smoother and lasts a lot longer than shaving.

Eyebrows are something you should have maintained all year round – not strictly in summer. Your eyebrows frame your face and are considered to be one of your most important features. The shape of your eyebrows makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your face.

Maintain your eyebrows with an expert eyebrow wax and stay gorgeous all year long.