How to Develop Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Stress has become common place in our daily lives. It is well known that we put undue pressure on our mental and physical abilities when dealing with our daily affairs. So how can we balance our lifestyles to ensure we stay healthy and live longer?

Developing a healthy lifestyle can be quite daunting, as most people feel overstretched and unable to fulfill their overburdened to do list. The few tips below could help you develop a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Create a Plan

To accomplish anything in life requires a plan and the same applies to developing a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to write a list of the goals you want to achieve, however simple they may seem. For example ensuring you eat your dinner before 7pm can be part of your plan and a steady step towards your overall achievement. A plan will help you stay focused and keep your goal in mind.

Choose Realistic Options

When you write out your healthy lifestyle plan ensure it is realistic. Make sure you take into account your lifestyle, work and family commitments. There is no point scheduling a gym workout into your routine, if you are unable to afford it or make time for it. Look for activities that you will enjoy and can sustain.

Plan and Purpose

You should choose a plan that can achieve the goals you set for yourself. If your plan includes stress reduction, an active social life might not be the answer. Working shorter hours or finding time to relax might be the right course of action. The popular healthy lifestyle goals such as exercise and healthy eating should be part of your plan. To achieve these might require you to take initial smaller steps to reach those bigger goals.

You can make it happen

Any goal cannot be achieved without your participation. You need to commit to your plan; set our weekly goals and you will see gradual changes in your health and lifestyle.

Support from family and friends is an essential aspect of changing your lifestyle. Let them know what you want to achieve so they can help you stay on track.

Every time you accomplish one of your goals, reward yourself accordingly. Do not overindulge, but choose treats that will compliment your new lifestyle. In no time, these small changes will create a new you.

Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) Review

If you want to find your way online and make money through affiliate programs, the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) looks like it could be a viable stepping stone. It is a growing online community for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs where training and coaching are provided as well as a blogging platform. ILN is also linked with Global Resorts Network, a travel network marketing opportunity offering bargain deals on travel destinations.

If you’re interested to become a successful online affiliate with added perks of affordable travel, ILN is one option to investigate more.

What is Internet Lifestyle Network?

Internet Lifestyle Network sells itself as a premier online business and entrepreneurial community for today’s online marketers. Members enjoy access to a plethora of internet marketing educational products through the ILN University.

Training and coaching are provided on top of a blogging platform that both seasoned and new affiliates can use to achieve business goals.

Behind ILN are hugely success co-founders. Mark Hoverson is an 8-figure earner who shares his secrets through his exclusive leadership training available inside the University. Vincent Ortega Jr., on one hand, is a multiple 6-figure earner whose dedication and commitment to the business has helped thousands of people. Finally, Clifton and Ashley Hatfield are also multiple 6-figure earners who advocate ILN’s vision.

About the ILN Memberships & Products

When you decided to join ILN, there are various products the program offers. The products are essentially membership programs where you make a one-time purchase of the following courses:

1. Apprentice Membership
2. Inner Circle Membership
3. Kings and Queens Training

However the core of the offering is the continuity program. The Apprentice level costs $37 per month and it serves as your access card to the ILN community, training and courses. As a new affiliate in this level, you will get enjoy the following benefits: blog, access to ILN University, affiliate program and access to private Facebook Group. This level also serves as your stepping stone to higher levels – Inner Circle and Kings & Queens.

Building on what you learned as an apprentice, Inner Circle membership teaches affiliates how to be successful online quickly and efficiently. Advanced strategies are available at this point with possibilities of earning $10,000 per month if used properly. For this level, the cost is $95/month.

Bringing it even further is the Kings & Queens Training. Courses at this level will cost affiliates from $195 to $1,495. Many of the courses are taught by none other than Mark Hoverson, one of Internet’s high earners, helping affiliate to achieve an income level of $50,000 or more per month.

About the Blogging Platform

One of the main attractions for ILN is its simple yet powerful blogging platform. Members can created unlimited blogs and eventually dominate the Internet through the straightforward and customizable blog. It uses WordPress as framework and you can use your own domain name to brand your blog properly.

4-level Super Affiliate Program

ILN helps its members make money online through its 4-level affiliate program. Dubbed the most lucrative program today, ILN pays high commissions on a weekly basis. Affiliates earn commissions for personal referrals and up to four levels down based on the production of their team. Members are also provided with a tested formula namely the Viral 5 Lifestyle Formula teaching affiliates the way to continuous compounding commissions.

How to Make Money with ILN

To earn money with ILN, you simply need to follow their formula. You can either utilize the blogging platform to brand your current business or you take part in its 4-level affiliate program. You can also do both. You can blog and refer other people to the program at the same time.

ILN’s affiliate program is included with the Apprentice level. As an affiliate, you earn 50% or more commissions on all educational products the program has. Additional commissions are also earned if you are able to build you team down to the 4th level.

In addition to its lucrative affiliate program and powerful blogging platform, ILN has a private vacation club (GRN) where you get to live the ultimate internet lifestyle while earning huge commissions at the same time.

ILN, essentially, is the ideal way for affiliates to refer other people to Global Resorts Network (GRN). GRN is a network marketing travel product that offers ILN members deals and bargains on travel destinations. Every time an affiliate refers another individual to join GRN, earned commissions can reach up to $6,000.

Is it a Scam?

To date, ILN has attracted thousands of people joining its rapidly growing community. Affiliates benefit from the company’s active and friendly community as well as from the quick and approachable support system. The fact that it is also founded by three success online business gurus today makes ILN a legitimate option.

The Downside of ILN

Apart from the usual negatives associated with a direct sales business (for example, plenty of rejection), the other potential problem is to do with the link with GRN. Some people including myself see it as a conflict. If you are already promoting a top tier program do you really want your people to be indoctrinated by the ILN/GRN sales machine? That is why I passed on ILN.

Natural Treatment You Should Know About For a Healthier Lifestyle

Rather than depending too much on costly modern medical treatment methods, many find the use of natural healing methods to achieve a healthy lifestyle a better and cost-effective alternative to suit their taste.

We can never deny the fact that these modern healing techniques do work for anyone who wants to make use of its methods. But an average individual might find it too expensive to try out, especially those with a limited income. If you want to achieve a healthy body with less expense, then here are some natural treatment methods you should try out.

Herbal Medicine

Our early ancestors have used herbal medicines for hundreds of years even before the advent of modern medical technologies available today. In truth, medical experts during those times were able to compile an extensive knowledge on plants and herbs, and how they can cure certain health problems in our bodies.

Also, modern studies have proven the fact that certain plants have curative properties in abundance; inducing proper body functions, as well as boosting the body’s natural healing abilities to ward off any health problems.

Certain plants can be dried and used tea commonly practiced by Asian countries. Some berries, roots, and seeds can be ingested directly as well. Herbal products that were developed and distributed by medical companies today are known to assist in natural healing, as well as being used in cosmetics and weight loss.


Another method used in natural treatment is aromatherapy. It is believed that certain scents have the ability to induce healing in our bodies without any side-effects. Aromatherapy uses the essence of plants and herbs, turned into oils or incenses that will produce a specific aroma that can help emotional, behavioral, and psychological problems.

Acupressure And Acupuncture

Asian countries, like China and Japan, are known to use acupressure and acupuncture along with herbal medicines to relieve health problems in the body to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Medical experts in these countries believe that our body is composed of energies being transported from one organ to another. When the pathways of these good energies are blocked, this creates signs and symptoms attributed to illnesses and diseases to appear.

Acupressure and acupuncture are used to help the body relax and free up these blocked pathways to let the good energy flow. Herbal medicine is used alongside these alternative methods of healing to increase the good energy in the body, while getting rid of the negative ones.